The first 6 months of a puppy are very important. This period will directly
affect their character and attitude for the rest of their lives.
We know that, while living with your beloved friend in the house, the most
difficult issue is to communicate with your puppy while building a mutual
We can help you to introduce your puppy to the outside world,
give him toilet training, help him socialize, teach him to be alone while you’re
away and correct his biting and gnawing habits.
As educators in our country, we gradually started to break the stereotypical
prejudice of “puppy dog training can not be given.” Puppy training is very
important for dogs, who in the future, will start more specialized training.
Thanks to this program you’ll learn;
• * How to manage your puppy’s daily schedule
• * Box training
• * How to implement an exercise and a nutrition program
• * To understand how dogs think and behave
• * How to prevent possible aggression, barking, biting issues
• * How to handle your puppy’s daily needs ad nutrition and toilet habits
• * How to communicate with your puppy.
And you can learn all of the above without having to leave your puppy
• Onsite Training
• Accommodation Education
• Adaptation with Dog Owner

*Köpeklerin düşünme ve davranış şekillerini anlamayı
*Ortaya çıkması muhtemel agresyon, havlama, ısırma vb. problemlerin önüne geçebilmeyi
*Beslenme ve bakım konularındaki detaylı bilgileri ve tuvalet alışkanlığını
*Yavru ile nasıl bir iletişim kurmanız gerektiğini öğrenebilirsiniz.

Üstelik de yavrunuzdan ayrılmak zorunda kalmadan..

  • Onsite Training

  • Accommodation Education

  • Adaptation with Dog Owner