He was born in Izmir in 1977 and graduated from Ege University School of
Physical Education and Sports. His interest in dog training and dog sports
started before his high school years. He established “Cem Bakaçhan Dog
Training Services” in 1994, “Von Bakaçhan Dog Sports Club” in 2000, and
“ISKODER Business and Sports Dogs Trainers and Producers Association” in
He became a member of WUSV and ACKB in 2000. He assisted young
trainers to develop their professional careers in Bakaçhan Academy and
introduced them to the sector. He founded Bakaçhan Team and Bakaçhan
Academy and participated in numerous exams on national and international
platforms with his dogs.
Cem Bakaçhan continues dog breeding with his dogs Opal el Califa, and
Zeffy vom Grysycos, continues to work for the development of dog sports in
Turkey. He works with respected trainers facilitates seminars.
His principal mission is to carry Turkey to a more respected spot in the
international platforms by training and supporting contestants for dog sports,
and implementing new training techniques